Smartair allows the creation of a powerful and sophisticated proximity access control system using attractive wire-free door units.

Smartair Offline Classic

The system Starter Kit includes software (for Windows XP or Vista PCs), user licence and activation key, card encoder and 50 user cards, and a portable programmer to set up the door units.

  • Licences available for 10, 30, 75 or unlimited door units per system.
  • Up to 1500 users per door.
  • Fourteen time zones with five time periods each.
  • Audit trail records the last 1,000 events.

Smartair Offline Classic UoC

Cabilities are the same as the Offline classic system, with the addition of allowing the system to be reprogrammed remotely and automatically.

The system includes an Update On Card unit. This is linked to a wall reader and connected to the system via TCP/IP. Reprrogrammed User Cards then reprogram each individual Door Unit they are used on.

Smartair Wireless

An online system using a wireless hub which communicates with self-addressing door units, to allow remote reprogramming and monitoring in real time.

  • 868 MHz RF communication.
  • Proprietary encryption
  • Door units maintain full functionality if communication goes down.

Door Unit

Door units may be used with ASSA Connect or Modular lockcases with 8mm handle followers. They use contactless proximity access control cards to permit entry.

  • Battery powered and wire-free.
  • Suit 38-44mm doors as standard, extended fittings for wider doors also available.
  • Mifare 1K cards as standard with 10mm read distance. Other options available.
  • Real-time clock and calendar with time zones and scheduling capability.
  • Audit trail stores the last 1000 events.
  • Four operating modes:
    - Free way.
    - First user (first authorised access converts the lock to free access).
    - Standard (access token always required).
    - Double user (two valid access tokens required for access).
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • External version also available, IP-54 rated.

Wall reader

Wall reader offering the same functionality as a door unit, for use with electric locking devices. IP-54 rated, suitable for external use. Requires 12/24 V DC power supply.

Evolution 340 lockcase

Deadlocking sash lock with a 23.5mm hardened steel hookbolt, specifically designed for use with Smartair door units. Available with 35mm, 50mm and 70mm backsets.

Smartair Standalone

Simple proximity access control. Suitable for small installations up to three doors and 25 users.

  • Programming card to add, delete or amend users.
  • Optional shadow cards can also delete card users one-by-one.
  • Requires the Smartair™ unit, a lockcase such the Connect 340, and a Starter Kit which includes a programming card and 25 user cards.
  • Requires three AAA LR03 1.5V batteries.
  • Estimated battery life over 20,000 operations.

Download the brochure here.

Published 25 Feb 2010