ASSA padlocks offer several different levels of physical strength and resistance to attack, are available in both open and close shackle versions, and are tested to the highest levels of BS EN 12320.

The padlocks contain the same locking mechanism as our cylinders, and so may be included in the same master key system, giving maximum flexibility and convenience. See the section on mechanical cylinders for further information.

Class Two padlocks - tensile strength over 1.5 tons; meet security grade 3 of BS EN 12320.

Class Three padlocks - tensile strength over 4.5 tons; meet security grade 4 of BS EN 12320.

Class Four padlocks - tensile strength over 10 tons; meet security grade 5 of BS EN 12320.

Class Five padlocks - tensile strength over 10 tons and high security locking; meet security grade 6 of BS EN 12320

Published 25 Feb 2010